Every time I open Epicor, it jumps to my third screen. How do I change that?

(Shawn Hobdy) #1


Every time I open Epicor, it jumps to my third screen.

Is there a way to change this?

My test database doesn’t do that.

Any help is appreciated.



(Lee Burns) #2

I’m testing it with my current Epicor 10.1.600.5, and it reliably opens on the last monitor I closed it on. I’ve tested it with all three of my monitors. Wherever I close it, it opens right back up. It’s opening on your 3rd monitor, regardless of where you closed it?

(Shawn Hobdy) #3

As soon as I log into it from my first screen, it will load the main screen on my third page.

I figure I somehow enabled a personalization but have no idea how to get rid of it.

(Lee Burns) #4

Gotcha. I use Single Sign On, so I don’t first log into a login screen–that’s one variable to factor.

For individual Modules after I’ve opened Epicor, I know that whichever monitor I’m developing a Customization on, if another user WITHOUT multiple monitors opens that module after I save it, it will open off of their screen, so I have to be sure I develop Customizations on my primary monitor so it opens on their primary monitor.

But if we’re talking the main Epicor program, I don’t know of a setting or a way to save it. I looked through the Config XML file and didn’t see anything obvious. I don’t know what Clearing the Client Cache does in its entirety, but it may be something you might consider doing, depending on your comfort level with Epicor.

You get to it from Settings >> General Options >> Clear Client Cache

(Bart Elia) #5

I believe screen positions are part of the ‘save on exit’

(Lee Burns) #6

Wow, how did I overlook that when I was looking at the Client Cache?? Yeah, do that first lol.

(Shawn Hobdy) #7


I have cleared the client cache many times and the Save settings on exit has always been checked.

I tried again for fun and it still opens on the 3rd screen.

Any other ideas?

(Shawn Hobdy) #8


If I log in to Epicor with a different user name, it stays on screen 1.

Where in Epicor do they bury those settings, I wonder?

(Surendra Pal) #9

https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-use-multiple-desktops-in-windows-10/ read this and follow step 3. this issue with multi display program and you sent it to screen 3 to bring to back to 1st screen.

(Joshua Giese) #10

Clearing personalizations can sometimes help with this. If nothing seems to work I will break down and create a customization where I hard code Form_Load with screen position using the position types or object.Location = (0,0)

(Shawn Hobdy) #11

How would you clear the personalization of the main screen?

(Joshua Giese) #12

In Personalization Maint you’re looking for the keyword “Global” I can’t remember the exact designation.

(Shawn Hobdy) #13

I tried step 3 of the cnet article, no affect. I went into personalization purge and wiped out every personalization I have. Shut down Epicor and logged back in, still going to 3rd screen.

(Joshua Giese) #14

Try disabling personalizations entirely and double check that your 3rd monitor is not marked as your primary in windows.

(Shawn Hobdy) #15

How do you disable it? And also, if i log in as a different user, it stays on screen 1.

That implies it is set in my profile.

(Joshua Giese) #16

Disable them from User Maintenance and not necessarily. If your primary is your 3rd and it’s accepting the default location it will go to third while another user may have specific location selected that puts it on your primary. The window launch can be finicky so I wouldn’t rule it out without checking.

(Shawn Hobdy) #17

For my profile, I unchecked the box next to allow personalization. Went ahead and cleared client cache again for fun. Logged out and back in, still going to screen 3.

I went into windows 7 pro screen resolution, it says my display one is the main screen by default.

(Joshua Giese) #18

Not sure then; the main menu without personalizations and such will typically behave then. I would hang it up for the day.

(Shawn Hobdy) #19

It’s not the end of the world, just irritating. I wonder if I blow away my Epicor profile and rebuild it, would it still do it?

(Joshua Giese) #20

anything is worth trying once