(Simon Hall) #1

Nice video @josecgomez

(Jose C Gomez) #2

LoL damn it I forgot to make that unlisted :-S that was an internal thing … oh well something new I figured out how to do. Twas a giant PITA

(Dan) #3

And I thought I had a lot of windows open.

(Simon Hall) #4

Sorry about that @josecgomez. Stuff like this is too good not to share. :slight_smile: I keeps reminding me to think outside the box. I can already see an application for this, say for a dashboard that shows up and coming shipments, but instead of having to open up the Container LC Entry they can see the shipping docs attached in the dashboard.

(Jose C Gomez) #5

Bingo @Hally! No worries is fine that you shared it, I just didn’t mean to share it publicly because frankly the customization behind it requires massive amounts of reflection and that stuff is hard to explain on the forum. Maybe I’ll tackle that at insights if I get a presentation spot.

(Simon Hall) #6

I’ll be looking forward to it :slight_smile: Flights not booked yet, but the better half is doing some Grand Canyon investigations so we can make a holiday out of Insights… Yeah! :slight_smile:

(Chris Conn) #7

Not to mention if consultants shared ALL of their tricks, we wouldn’t have much work :stuck_out_tongue: Oh yea, I forgot you wimped out and got a chill job now bahahah

I think I have him beat on too many windows open (the one thing I have Jose beat on). I have 4 screens ALL full lol.

(Jose C Gomez) #8

May or may not be a coincidence that I quit being a consultant after you became one… Kinda like I stay home when my kid goes out in the car #TooRisky #IKnowHowHeDrives


(Chris Conn) #9

You know what happens to the minnows when the big fish gets caught dont you?

If you were expecting some inspiration quote about how they grow up to be the big fish, I dont have one, the minnows still die a horrible death.