Vendor and Purchased product

(William) #1

My purchasing guy is out and I was asked about the vendors and purchased product. Basically we ahve a new vendor that is supplying us with the same product another one of our vendors are supplying. How is the purchased product attached to the vendor?

(Ernie Lowell) #2

If you have “approved suppliers”, those are entered via Part > Actions > Approved Suppliers. In that scenario, the parts with approved suppliers can ONLY be purchased from those suppliers. Parts that have NO approved suppliers can be purchased from anyone.

Each PartPlant record can also have a SupplierID entered, which is used by the Generate PO Suggestions process to add a supplier to a PO suggestion. Buyers can change those during their review of suggestions (subject to the approved supplier functionality above, if used).

(Brad Boes) #3


The new supplier needs to be setup first.

The PO indicates the supplier, then the receipt and AP invoice follow suit.

You need to mark the new supplier as approved. You can do that on part
setup with the Actions menu.

You may want to setup a supplier price list also.

If you are using PO Suggestions you can change the suggestion detail to the
new supplier there also.