Update Resource Group on Operation

(Sam Khayatt) #1

I having trouble doing something that looks like it should be pretty easy.

We made an error when loading the MOMs for some parts. We loaded them via DMT. The resource group was assigned based on the operation; we did not explicitly load the EcoOprDtl table.

We have since discovered that, for a certain number of parts, Operation 10 is incorrect. It should be Packing instead of Crating. The Resource group assigned to Packing has a lower labor rate and so the error was distorting (in a bad way) the margins on these parts.

I have been able to update the operation via DMT. Updating the operation for some reason removed the production standard (even though it was correct), so I used DMT to re-upload those.

However, I have tried to upload the resource group (that goes with the operation) and have had no success. I have tried both PrimaryResourceGrpID and EcoOprDtl#ResourceGrpID. DMT reports no errors but doesn’t update the values, either.

I am really trying to avoid doing this manually… anyone have any thoughts on this?