Updatable BAQ's

(Carol Pelowski) #1

Cannot figure out why I am receiving this Error message when clicking the Update button:

Severity: Exception, Table: Part, Field: , RowID: e25d9a5c-587a-4d43-b7ad-5d200c5490fd, Text: BPM runtime caught an unexpected exception of ‘ArgumentException’ type.
See more info in the Inner Exception section of Exception Details.

I’ve contacted Epicor and they had me click a different radio button for Processing Method / unchecked Updatable … saved. Cleared Client cache … closed Epicor … Rechecked updatable; selected BPM Update, selected my business object (ERP.Part); analyzed; Got my list; made a change; Clicked Update and same error.
Any suggestions from anyone or has anyone had this issue?

Thank you

(Mitchell Rainsford) #2

Hi Carol,

This error occurs when an improper parameter is passed to a method. Can you provide us with more details as to what you’re changing on the Part and what you’re changing it to?

(Carol Pelowski) #3

Good morning Mitchell,

It is just to update the Manufacturing comments and/or Purchase comments fields. The strange part is: I sent the BAQ to Epicor and it worked just fine. Another person from the help group sent me basically the same updatable query that works in their environment, however, I imported the query and I got the same error. A bit puzzled… when I find out what is causing this, I will certainly post the solution.
Thank you for your input!


(Carol Pelowski) #4

After a discussion with Epicor I found that it’s possible there is a bug in this version
So I am going to post a new topic looking for someone on that particular version.
Thanks again