Updatable BAQ and multiple tables

(Chai Chang) #1

With updateable BAQ, is it possible to create a BAQ to allow mass dump of Part from excel and update multiple tables at once? Example, I need to update the PART, PARTPLANT, PARTWHSE, etc all at once.

Is Epicor smart enought to know which table needs to be updated first long as all the requirement fields are there or would Epicor not allow?

(Mark Wonsil) #2

This is EXACTLY was the DMT program does. Do you have it?

Mark W.

(Chai Chang) #3

Hi Mark,

Yes, we have DMT and I haven’t done much with DMT. We had been using it to load all of our master data from legacy ERP to Epicor, but done by consultant. I believe the other reason why we don’t want to use DMT is due to security. We want all of our engineers/estimators be able to do mass load parts only and nothing else. Can DMT have security where we can restrict to only which table they’re allowed to upload once the excel template had been created?

Will research more into DMT and see what our options are. Thanks again.

(Sam Khayatt) #4

Look at the PartCombined template. I think it hits all the tables you are mentioning.

If you can’t make the DMT security work, you could give the engineers a template and then have someone else do the mass uploads.

(Ernie Lowell) #5


The DMT has the same security setup as the standard user interface, so if your engineers have access to everything in the Part program in regular Epicor they can also fully use the DMT for Part, PartPlant, and PartWhse (and PartLot and PartRev and on and on). If they ALSO have access to Job Entry, Quote Entry, and Project Management, then DMT will also work for them in THOSE areas as well.

I don’t know of a way to “restrict” DMT like that without using separate login IDs, but even there I’m not sure if you can “disable” their regular UserID for DMT.

(Chai Chang) #6

Thank you all with your valuable input. That was very helpful and looks like DMT is the route to go. I will look into it.

Sam, where do I find the PartCombined template or how can I get that? I can take a look at the template and remove fields that are not needed and test it out.

Thanks again all.

(Sam Khayatt) #7

If you have access to DMT, it’s under Management | Inventory | Part. Click the Part Combined link (or whatever it is). In the lower right of the new window, there is a button called Template Builder… Click that and then select all the fields and then click Create Template (lower right of pop-up).
If I can figure out how to attach it here, I will.

PartCombinedTemplate.xlsx (29.2 KB)

(Chai Chang) #8

Thank you.