Unexpected datatype error running regenerate datamodel

(Pierre Hogue) #1

Hello all,

I am in my test env. (copy from last thursday from live) and I wanted to add two UD fields in QuoteHed table.
One is of integer type, and the other boolean type.

Running the regenerate Datamodel I got the error

Question1: Has anyone had the same issue? heck I have not even added a field of that type!
Question 2: Where can I have access to a log with more info about the error?



(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

Run the following against your database to find all of the columns that have a datatype of varchar:

SELECT table_name [Table Name], column_name [Column Name]
FROM information_schema.columns where data_type = 'varchar'

If you find them in custom tables, you can change the datatype of the column to nvarchar or exclude them from the data model regen via

To exclude the table you need to:
1. Exit from the Epicor Admin Console. 
2. Make a copy of the configuration file Ice.Tool.DataModelGenerator.UI.exe.config first and call it Ice.Tool.DataModelGenerator.UI.exe.config.bak.
(The config file is located here for 10.0.7xx versions C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Epicor Software Corporation\Database Manager Extensions\3.0.7\DataModelGenerator\Ice.Tool.DataModelGenerator.UI.exe.config).
3. Edit the original configuration file by adding it to the ExcludedTables section of the configuration. In the example below table Erp.HelloWorld was added to the exclusion list.
<setting name="ExcludeTables" serializeAs="String">
4. Save and exit.
5. Launch the Epicor Admin Console
6. Run Regenerate Data Model for the database in question.

(Pierre Hogue) #3

Thank you Nathan, I ran what you suggested it it gave me those results:
Pilote is our live version
Test is a recent copy
Training has been a few weeks copy

So both recent DB have the issue and the “elder” version does not… And it is not a UD table, nor a UD field…

I guess I shall open a ticket to Epicor support…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


(Pierre Hogue) #4

OK, Found the issue. My coleague created a dashboard based on a custom view which is the culprit…But he is on vacation so will deal with him on Monday!!! :angry:

Thanks for your input!


(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #5