UDtable Ubaq best practice?

(Brandon Anderson) #1

So I will be creating a solution that will use one of the UD tables. If the JobEntry BO wasn’t so slow, I would just use extend UD fields on JobAsm and JobMtl, but the performance isn’t acceptable, so I am trying this route. So far my rough prototype tests show that all/most of the unknowns that I had before going down this road are answered and I should be able to proceed to make something that works well.

So now I need to set this up with all of the pieces and all of the details. I am going to be making a UBAQ and an updatable dashboard to present the data and make any changes needed when the shop personnel are reviewing their stuff.

My question is, is it better to only bring in the key data that I need (with a couple of basic pieces to make trouble shooting easier) into the UD table? and then link the other things I will need for filtering and lookup (like part class, related operation code, who knows going down the road?) in the baq? Or will it be better to import as much of the information that I can on the import into the UDtable?

I imagine both approaches should work, but if anyone has any experience that would help guide me in the best direction, that would be much appreciated.