UD Field on BAQ report in SSRS


(Anthony Stark) #1

I’m trying to add a UD field that I’ve added to the LaborHed table. When I add it as [LaborHed_Comments_UD_c] in my BAQReportResults expression and try to run it, I get a generic error. Is there a proper way to add a UD field for BAQ reports?

(Rob Bucek) #2

more details on your error would help, you included the new field in your BAQ right?

(Anthony Stark) #3

I did add the field, yes. The error was an unspecified generic error. However, I’ve worked around the issue by creating a calculated field that just pulls that field in. I’m not sure what was causing the issue exactly but it works with the calculated field now.

(Rob Bucek) #4

that was going to be my next question was if you added the field to the rdl next but i wasn’t sure when you got the error.

(Anthony Stark) #5

I added it to the baq and the BAQReportDataset expression (i think that’s the name, I just closed everything) and field/label. I also tried left joining the UD table itself in the expression but no luck. This work around seems good enough with no real performance hit.