Total Demand field

(James McKinnon) #1

Our buyer is seeing an issue where the demand for purchase parts does not show up in the part tracker but does show up in time phase, whilst po suggestions are being made. We hold minimal stock of the affected parts so they should be buy to order.

I have tried the “usual” fixes of refresh part quantities and allocations and refresh part bin - all done off hours with nobody on the system - I get and error because the report is empty - I assume that this means that the system thinks everything is in synch. The linked jobs are all released etc etc

I have also checked and we have no parts with leading or trailing spaces. I have checked the underlying record in the partwhse table and this show no demand.

Has anyone else come across this and if so what did you do to fix this? Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.

We are on

(Zack Williams) #2

Purchase Direct/Buy to order demand will not show up as demand on the part tracker. Only demand requesting fulfillment from stock will bee calculated here.

It does some out of place that there is no PO suggestion for the 30 pcs for JO 211246.

(James McKinnon) #3


I gave you a wee bit of disinformation, we typically buy parts to order but the parts themselves are setup as stock - helps us manage moq - ie we buy based on what the demand field suggests (we also check time phase).

However you pointed me in the right direction, the part had been set as non-stock so that is why no demand was showing.

The second po suggestion had not been made yet as it was just within 10 working day lead time + two day receive time.

Thanks for your help.