Supplier/Vendor creation date


(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #1

Hello everyone,

a few years ago this question was made but the topic has no answers so I´m creating this new one hopping to have a little bit of luck.

Besides of the change log option, is there any other way to find out or to calculate a Vendor/Supplier creation date?

(John Kane) #2

You could create a “Create Date” field on an extended table and default it today when users create a new supplier.

Or you could use a Data Directive to create a log that captures the date when ever a new supplier is created.

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #3

Hi John,

thanks for for replying… Actually I have already donde that, but unfortunately the dates I´m looking are the ones for the existing suppliers!!!

(Pierre Hogue) #4

Did you activate the Data directive ChangeLog ? if so, you can look into the log tables,( [Ice].[ChgLog])
if not Maybe via other related tables to have best estimate? otherwise a UD field…

I find disapointing that the Epîcor tables did not follow a common design amongst all tables such as Creation date, creation user which would have been helpfull in different areas…


(John Kane) #5

@Ruben_Corral_Yrureta If you did not turn on the Data Directive or add the field at the very start of your instance, you will not be able to get the dates for the suppliers.

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #6

well then I´m afraid I won´t be able to… my last thought is to, now that the UD field is created… recreate all the suppliers… thank you all for your responses.

(Theodore Koch) #7

You wouldn’t need to recreate the suppliers, update the new field with whatever date you want using DMT.

(Pierre Hogue) #8

One last thought…

Maybe look at the first date of purchase from each supplier, as a creation date maybe? At least more meaningfull then recreate them all… then use DMT to update your UD field