Subcontract Scheduling, multiple PO's

(Rodrigo Ramos) #1

I think we found a problem when we try to schedule subcontract shipments.
We found if we partial ship to a subcontractor, (a job w/ order for 100 and we ship 50 for coating) our new operation due date becomes the due date on that partial PO.

Has anyone encountered this issue? If so are there any recommendations for how to handle it?

Not sure if anyone has solved this, I couldn’t find it any searches.

(Rodrigo Ramos) #2

In case anyone runs into this… we decided to create a second coating operation if we don’t ship the whole job out. Just have to make sure the quantities are correct.

(Gil Violette) #3

The PO due date does override the scheduled date when PO’s are created. Our subcontract PO creation fellow makes sure and puts realistic dates on the PO’s when he creates them, he does not accept the default date. If we do partials, we split the job so the full order quantity goes to the subcontractor.

That has helped reduce the scheduling issues caused by just accepting the PO due date as generated by the system.

(Rodrigo Ramos) #4

Splitting the job is a great solution. Unfortunately we can’t because our customer requires job numbers be marked on the parts and our marking operation comes before subcontract work. Thank you for the suggestion it should help anyone else running into this problem in the future.

(Gil Violette) #5

Smaller job quantities, perhaps? Always a lean objective…