Strange Material cost behavior

(Joshua Straight) #1

We have two jobs where the material cost was assigned in what appears to be a strange manner. For these two jobs all of the materials issued prior to the first Receive-to-Stock were attached to the first quantities received. For all other jobs only a percentage of the materials allocate to the first receive. We use FIFO inventory costing if that makes a difference in this case. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Epicor Support didn’t have any ideas.

Here is the first receive on a job that has the issue and the materials issued prior to that date:

Here is the first receive on one that does not:

(Joshua Straight) #2

There are two jobs doing it and they are both for the same part. Here is the Part costing information. What would cause these material spikes?

(Chris Conn) #3

If you’re using FIFO costing, I’d go have a gander at all the receipts of the affected items and make sure someone receiving didn’t put some crazy cost on the item somewhere…

There is also a way to view cost layers, PartFifoCost and PartFifoTran (make some simple BAQ’s to view the relevant data)

(Joshua Straight) #4

I made both BAQs and looked at the FIFO data to see if anything stuck out that wasn’t visible before. I am not seeing anything that stands out at all other than a historical precedent showing the issue has actually happened before and gone unnoticed Upon reviewing I have found that this particular part’s history is long and also inconsistent.

For example I did some calculations on the last job where materials calculated correctly and found that in general dividing the material cost of a MFG-STK by the total material cost of all MFG-STK would pull back a percentage about on par with what percent percentage of total quantity the particular MFG-STK was. For example a receipt where 1008 out of a total of 20,000 is received (5.04%) had material costs of $137,462.95 out of a total of $2,751,104.25 which is about 5%.

So I guess my actual question is, how is this supposed to be calculated? My would some jobs for the same part allocate all material costs to the first receive while others allocate via percentage?