SSRS Email - Add From Field populated with the logged in users email address

(Simon Hall) #1

Not sure if this has been changed in later releases, but having the option to have reports being sent from the logged in users email address would be useful. Currently any emails received via this fashion pickup the email address configured in company maintenance. I understand that report routing and breaking can do this, but if this was out of the box for all reports it would be a very useful time saving measure. Not to mention it gives the user the ultimate in personalization of the email for these adhoc like situations, where typically the situation will be a direct liaison with customer, and any element of “Making the Customer feel special” is warranted.


I’d also like to point out that if you sent the record via email it has the users email address and a from field. So it appears a bit inconsistent from the UI perspective.


(Jose C Gomez) #2

The send record is client side, while the other-one is server side.

(Simon Hall) #3

Thanks Jose, I understand that, but users don’t. UX consistency is important, saves a lot of silly questions being asked, particularly if your old system can do it.

(Mazin Asmar) #4

Not to mention, if the customer replied back the message would not be received by the sender (the email address configured in the company maintenance). To get around this problem, we have to preview the report in PDF format and then use Acrobat Reader to email the report as an attachment. According to Support, this issue will NOT be fixed in future releases.