Sorting options on dashboard?

(Kevin Kearney) #1

A user is requesting the ability to define primary and secondary sorts on the dashboard. I know how to do this through the query, but, as far as I can tell, dashboards only like being sorted by one thing at a time. Is there any way around this blatant design flaw?

(Ernie Lowell) #2

Multi-level sorting at the dashboard level is done with Groups. It does get messy quickly, I don’t think I’ve ever done more than two levels. If I need more than that I’ll recommend Copy To Excel.

(Gregory Whiteford) #3

Your dashboard is a super table. You can set it up so you drag column headings into the group by area and it will sort and group by those items. You can select multiple columns if you need to. There is an option called show group by in the properties of the query within the dashboard and I also think you can do it in the BAQ. You can also turn column filters on by right clicking on the column and you can group and sort by just about any combination imaginable, along with creating custom filters. Very powerful tool indeed. The query just gets the data there. The power comes with the super table.

(Mark Wonsil) #4

This is how the component works. If you want to do a little coding, you could see what people have done on the Infragistics site (the company that makes the controls that Epicor uses).

Mark W.

(Kevin Kearney) #5

I know how the group by works, I was just hoping there was a cleaner solution

(Brandon Anderson) #6

does the user need the same sorting all of the time? If so, you can set up the sorting in the BAQ and then as long as they don’t click on column header, they will be sorted that way.

A more pain in the butt solution would be to make calculated fields that concatenate the fields that they would want to sort by then sort by those columns instead of the real ones. Not ideal, and you would have to think of the combinations ahead of time, or adjust as needed, but you could make it work.

Just a thought.

(brychan williams) #7


Sometimes, and it seems to depend on the BAQ. Do not have any sort applied at the BAQ level.

Then create the Dashboard. Apply the sort on the column in the dashboard, and then create the dashboard as a dll. The sort come through on the dashboard. If the user then applies another sort, the original sort is kept as well. It is not consistent.