Solution Management in 10.2

(Elaine Silva) #1

Anyone else notice that the Solution Workbench changes the author in BAQs to the person processing the Solution process? If multiple people can create BAQs but only one person in the company does the Solution Workbench process the others will no longer be the author of the BAQ. What sense does that make!! Any suggestions/workarounds?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

This makes sense because the BAQ Business Object specifically doesn’t allow you to modify change other people’s BAQs. So if they remained in someone else’s name they would fail to import properly. (This was an issue in 10.0 where you had to manually take over all the BAQs to move them)

(Elaine Silva) #3

When we moved from 9.05 to 10.1, we used the Epicor Admin account to do the Solution and it worked without the authors being changed. It just doesn’t make sense to me since you do not have to open the BAQs in order to import/export through the solutions workbench and it will grab all the BAQs regardless of the author.

(Patrick) #4

Don’t let the Epicor tag fool you, I’m not a leading expert in this area though I am growing :slight_smile:

As a general rule many import/export actions inside the Application Server funnel through UpdateExt, more rarely update. Which means they are not custom code paths specific to the import/export process but more wrapper methods that enforce some additional logic and validation before they send the record down the normal path of being applied to a database.

I cannot speak to the specific case of what is happening inside the BAQ server at this time but what you are encountering is what you should expect to be the default when using solution workbench - records brought in via it, especially if not already in the target application server, will be treated as normal inserts just like if they had been entered via the client.

(Bart Elia) #5

The migration from 9 to 10 was a little unique for normal upgrades where BAQs are imported / exported due to the tech changes. In 9 to 10 the db was upgraded so authors did not change due to that.

A normal process will change the author in general but based on if the BAQ was shared versus local to the company, etc the rules are not always a or b.

If you have a concern or a use case of which we are not aware, please open a ticket if this causes a pain in your operations.