So this is new

(Mark Wonsil) #1

…sometime during 10.2.100 I’m guessing but I just noticed that you can view your license information in the Company Configuration in a License Tab:

So there must be a BO now…

Mark W.

(Bart Elia) #2

There always was - Ice.BO.AdminLicense and AdminSession based upon what flavor you needed. We just added the viewer - mostly for SaaS Security Managers who don’t have access to the full Admin Console.

(Jose C Gomez) #3

That’s NEAT!

(Mark Wonsil) #4

This SaaSy user appreciates it.

(brett manners) #5

what version is that in. I don’t see it in


(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #6

It’s currently only available to our Multi-tenant/Dedicated-tenant Cloud customers as those customers do not have access to an EAC. :frowning:

It’s so useful that it’s one of the five things I’ve asked the product team to include in the base product in 10.2.200+ to make support’s life easier (and by extension, your’s too).

(Mark Wonsil) #7

We are Dedicated Tennant users on

(Bart Elia) #8

Ah, thanks @aidacra - I thought that already made it in. Ooops, I am acting more like a manager everyday :confused: