Set defaults on a Job that has been released through Job Status Maintenance

(Shawn Hobdy) #1


I have someone asking me if I can set 2 checkboxes on the job that gets released in the Job Status Maintenance screen. It takes an unfirm job, firms it and releases it, which changes it to a regular job number.

I have played around with Method Directives in the JobStatus area, specifically MassUpdate. I trigger an info that tells me I am on the right track.

Unfortunately, the set field doesn’t seem to take.

Any help is appreciated.


(Chris Conn) #2

I am unclear on exactly you want to accomplish here.
You want to click only one check box and make it check the other?
You want to automatically check both? If so, what fires it?

(Dan Edwards) #3

This is possible if using a pre-processing directive. What fields are you updating? Also, any chance the job is engineered and preventing changes?

(Shawn Hobdy) #4

The steps they are going through:

  • Open Job Status Maintenance.
  • Search and open for the unfirm job.
  • On the list tab, Click these buttons in order
    Firm All
    Engineer All
    Release All

After you hit process, it changes the job from an unfirm to regular job. It is the new regular job that I want to have the 2 checkboxes selected.

When I ran a trace while doing these steps, I saw it used the MassUpdate method.

I did a Method directive Post-Process with a condition looking for when then ‘OldJobNum’ field was not blank.
Then had an info print on screen the jobnum to make sure it was the new jobNum, not the unfirm jobnum. Once I determined that it was, I tried to use a set field to change the JobHead.LockQty field to true. Same for JobHead.SchedLocked.

When I run, the info shows fine but the fields don’t set.

I assume I am missing something easy but I don’t write enough BPMs to know.

I can go to the created job in Job Entry and manually check those boxes after, so I assume that the Engineered part doesn’t stop it.

Any ideas?

(Dan Edwards) #5

I have done this a few times using a pre-processing directive. The examples I have used this for is allowing a mass update to the request by date on a firm - engineer - release so it should work the same way for you. Could you try updating your fields in a pre-processing? You can check the same conditions, if need be, in the pre-processing but I don’t think that would be needed.

(Shawn Hobdy) #6

@danbedwards - I just tried the pre-processing on the massupdate. No help. I attached a pic below of the BPM.

I tried variations on the rows (changed, all, updated), didn’t make a difference.

I am doing this in Erp.JobStatus. I couldn’t trigger an info off of JobEntry.

(Dan Edwards) #7

Sorry - You have to firm & process. Then you can engineer, release and process and it will work, which you probably already know. I have automated this into a single button using a customized form that can do it but not using a post BPM, which is most likely do-able if the user did not want to follow the firm & process and then the rest.

(Shawn Hobdy) #8


You got me there! I had to modify their steps to get it to work.
I now have them Firm All, then Process. Then Engineer All, Release All, and Process again.

Following those steps will get it to check the needed boxes.
I showed it to them and they are fine with the new steps.

You are a life saver!

Thank again,