Sales Order Backlog - CSV Output

(Chai Chang) #1

Under Order Management–>Reports, there’s the Sales order backlog report. When I select output as CSV, it create a CSV file. I would like to add “Plant” to this output. Anyone know how I can do this? The Report Style is SOBacklog, but doesn’t seem like modifying this does anything when I am out putting to CSV.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

I’m not familiar with the underlying data, so, the logic of this may be a little off but there are two data sources within the Report Data Definition (RDD)-- a calculated table (Bklog) and company. No matter what, one would have to add at least one more table to this RDD from the looks of it. Based on what I see in labels, there is part label so;

You could:

  • duplicate the base SOBacklog RDD in Report Data Definition.
  • add the erp.PartPlant table to the Report Data Definition.
  • create a relationship between BkLog and PartPlant (Company to Company, PartNum to PartNum)
  • exclude all labels on PartPlant (other than Company, PartNum, and Plant), exclude all fields on PartPlant (other than Company, PartNum, and Plant)
  • create a new style for this new RDD
  • Run the report and output to CSV

and this Plant data would be in the CSV, but, probably not quite what you’re looking for.

It might be easier just to start with a new BAQ, add the tables/columns/logic that you wish to have, and then run this as a BAQ report in the format you wish.

(Chai Chang) #3

Thanks aidacra.

I had already copied the RDD and add in plant since that is already available within the “OrderHed” table. I can add this to the SOBacklog SSRS report and it print fine. However, if I change the format from PDF or Excel to CSV, it does not show up. My questions is, where do I go about adding this “Plant” field so that it print when changing the format to CSV?

So this “Plant” field is already available within the RDD.

I had added the “Plant” to the SSRS, but will not print when I change output format to “CSV”.

(Richard Riley) #4

In order to output data to a CSV file, you have to include the data in the output from the SSRS report - so it would show up if you ran the output to PDF or Word or any of the other supported types. Seems like you have already added the data to the RDD (although if available, a linked field may be easier) so now all you need to do is add the data to the SSRS RDL. See the following link for more information on how SSRS renders to a CSV file.