Replacing grid with custom grid, need help with subscribing

(Kevin Kearney) #1

I’m replacing the Material List grid on the PO suggestions menu with a custom grid so that I can get some custom fields to show up. The problem I run into is getting the new grid to act like the default one when selecting rows. Somehow the default grid publishes data, but I do not understand how this is done or how it can be manipulated.
I just need the part selected in the grid to affect the part viewed outside the grid.
Any tips at all would be helpful.

(Chris Conn) #2

Check out BAQView and Pub/Sub:

(Kevin Kearney) #3

I had checked out, but it seemed slightly different than what I was trying to do.

(Chris Conn) #4

When you say the grid publishes data, do you mean when you change rows, fields on the screen change? If so, that’s just a function of the EpiBinding to the EpiDataView. Presumably, your grid should be driven by an EDV (epiBinding = name of EDV). Then for your fields, they will be EDV.FieldName.

With all that said, you may be able to simply change the existing EDV’s (linked to existing grid) row when you change a row on your grid which should drive all your stuff already hooked up. You just have to figure out how to determine the link.

(Kevin Kearney) #5

Alright. That seems to make sense. Thanks for the help.