Quote Entry Adding Scrap for Each Qty

(Alex Jones) #1

We are going Live on E10 soon and I noticed when creating quotes in Opportunity / Quote Entry that if an operation has a scrap qty it’s applying that scrap qty across all quantity breaks.

So if I have a part 501-0175 with a production standard of 10 MP a qty/parent of 1 and a scrap quantity of 1 it’s saying I need to manufacture 2 pieces for a quantity break of 1, as it should. Now when I change my quantity break to 2, it’s saying I need to make 4 pieces instead of 3. With a quantity break of 5, it says I need to manufacture 10, instead of 6, and so on, and so on.

It’s like it’s assuming I’m manufacturing all these pieces individually rather than all under one job. It doesn’t do this in our current E9 version. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?