Purchase parts with ghost demand


(John VanZandt) #1

We are running 8.03.405a. We have 2 parts that are showing job demand that is not there. When we look at time phase it only shows a current demand of 10 on 2 different jobs of 5 each. I have tried to find where it is coming from but have had no luck. Job manager dashboard only shows the 2 jobs of 5. There is nothing in the mps, and these parts are not on a sales order anywhere. They are purchase parts that are pull as assembly on the 2 jobs. Any help would be great. We mark all purchase parts as stock items even if we want them to be ordered to the job because we would not see the demand until make direct jobs were firmed up so that is our work around, stock part with 0 for min max and ss stock. But one of the parts in question is a part we hold a stock qty of 20 on. Don’t know if I am making sense or not just trying to give as much detail about this problem as I can. Is there any other way to see where demand is coming from then what I have mentioned above.

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Have you tried running the Create Purchase Suggestions with “regenerative” option?

A simple BAQ can count the number of jobs (or show them) that a part is used on that:

  1. The Job is still open
  2. The Material is not Issued Complete.

I recently made a dashboard that list all parts, and shows the counts of each demand type (on SO’s, on Jobs, on PO’s etc…)

Note: not all are true “demand”.

(Josh Owings) #3

What does the ghost demand look like? You have two jobs for 10. What is the ghost details? Is the two jobs for 10 total? Isolate each part individually. You stated one has a stock min of 20. The other have any relationships. What is the where used detail of the parts? Are the mistakenly part of another BOM inadvertently? Where do you see the demand? Is it in suggestions? If so what are the details? Most likely purchase to stock I assume. Double check all part details to make sure nothing has accidentally changed.

Same from me a lot of questions but so many options.

Let us know.

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(John VanZandt) #4

We dont see the demand anywhere other than if we look at the part tracker and go look in warehouse. It never tells us to order or build anything but part tracker will show a negative in the warehouse tab.

(John VanZandt) #5

I will try your suggestions in the morning and see what I find.

(Josh Owings) #6

Have you checked part transaction history tracker?

**Josh Owings ** | JR Automation
ERP Applications Manager

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(John VanZandt) #7

Yes everything looks fine. Does not show the 29 extra demand.

(John VanZandt) #8

I tried the full regen on change po suggestions. These are the only 2 places in the system we see the demand for the part. The 2 jobs for 5 are good jobs but the other is what I am calling ghost demand. There are no purchase suggestions new or change suggestions. Any further ideas.

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