Purchase Order Form - Plant Address

(Chai Chang) #1

So I’m working on modifying the purchase order form and after doing the Data Sync, I was able to get the dataset for “CallContextClientData” which I can use to determine which plant the PO was printed from to toggle the logo. However, I noticed that the company address is what’s showing up on the PO form. I have different plant with their own purchasing department and I need the address to change to the plant address, not the company address.

Anyone have any ideas how I can pull in the plant address where the PO is printed from? When I went into the Data Definition for POForm, there’s no table that I can link to the “Plant” table. I would hate to hard code this into the SSRS report. Any ideas?

(Paul Morgan) #2

Have you set the address in site maintenance??

(Chai Chang) #3

Yes, the address has been set in site maintenance for each of the site. When I print the PO, it showed up with the Company address instead of the plant address.

(Bruce Ordway) #4

I think the address from site maintenance shows up in the “Ship To” section of the PO?
And the company address shows up in the upper LH of the PO form?

That is what I ended up doing on some reports where I had do some similar toggling.

I wonder if it is possible to use a BPM to populate UD fields in callContextBpmData with your plant address and then pull that dataset too?

(Chai Chang) #5

I end up resorting to hard coding the addresses. Create a textbox and toggle between the addresses depending on which plant print the PO. Seems to work. Thanks.