Pull latest date from ChgLog table into SSRS report

(Shawn Hobdy) #1

I am trying to pull the latest date from the ChgLog for a specific field and it is not working 100%.

In the SSRS report, I used the expression:

=iif(Len(First(Fields!DateStampedOn.Value, “ChgLog”)) > 0,
"Last Revision: " & Last(Fields!DateStampedOn.Value, “ChgLog”),

It works most of the time but after extended use, I am told it is not 100%.

How would I go about sorting the field so it can pull the last one?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



(Shawn Hobdy) #2


I am still needing some help on this.

I just had them in here showing me. I reprinted the Sales order acknowledgement I have it on and it kept flipping the date from 03/17/2018 and 3/7/2018.

Anybody have any ideas?