Payroll and Labor Hours Differences


(Aaron Willett) #1

Can anyone explain to me why there’s a 0.01 difference between the labor and payroll hours for this employee?

(Brad Fraser) #2

Do you have any payroll rounding rules? We consistently have Payroll different than Production Hours due to this. The fact you are seeing it on just one transaction is a little odd. Perhaps the Grace Period rounding sees it differently than 49/60 = 0.81666666666 ?

(Aaron Willett) #3

Where would I find those rounding rules?

(Brad Fraser) #4

Are you running the modules Epicor Payroll or External Payroll Integration?

(Aaron Willett) #5


(Brad Fraser) #6

We are running “External Payroll Integration” which is an Epicor module (not the standard Payroll one you are running) and there is “External Payroll Class Maintenance”. Here is the screenshot:

Unfortunately I can’t speak to Epicor’s Payroll.

(Aaron Willett) #7

We have some clock in/out allowances, but it doesn’t seem to be close to those.v


(Brad Fraser) #8

That’s weird then. Are there other records that are a minute off or just this one?

(Aaron Willett) #9

This is the only one that we’ve found this week that has had a discrepancy we couldn’t explain.

(Stacy Edwards) #10

We are experiencing the same .01 difference and have not been able to identify where it is coming from either.

(Mike Gross) #11

Perhaps it’s this other thing we found. The clock out-clock in difference may not equal to the same hour total that people have clocked in to operations. We don’t use the payroll or external payroll modules, so those options outlined above are not available to us. BUT we’ve found under Company Maint -> Modules -> Production ->Data Collection there is a check box for Calc Idle Time. This creates an entry automatically when a user logs out, that accounts for the difference in Clock In/Out vs Job Operation total time.

If you are not using those modules and do not ‘calc idle time’ then perhaps you are seeing the rounding difference between clock in/out and job clocking entries.

(Aaron Willett) #12

We do have the Calc Idle Time enabled, but it usually creates a record for “Dead Time”–the code we have set up for that. That’s always been visible to us when the idle time is captured. That doesn’t seem like the case in this instance.