Passing CustNum on load to ShipTo quick Search parameter


(Aleksander Olewinski) #1

Below what I tried to do but nobody reposed so I’ve changed the approach. I want to use a quick search. The BAQ has a defined parameter and quick search has a prompt criteria of CustNum. Both ignoring nulls. When Basic search open the WhereClause has a customer number. I want to feed this information to my quick search criteria. The best way would be to use a bpm as ship to is used in few different places.

Have anyone did this with the quick search?

Thank you

Hi all,

I have an UD Boolean field in ShipTo table - Inactive_c. Whenever I do not show some address in ship to search I mark it as Inactive (checkbox on Customer -> ShipTo tab). I have a predirective on GetList method with a simple code:
string myFilter = "(Inactive_c = 0) AND ";
whereClause = myFilter + whereClause;

This worked great on sales order screen. When I was asked to do hide inactive address on opportunity/quote screen I thought the ship to button triggers the same method. I could not be more wrong.

I used tracing to find that the GetListFilterCustomer is used and according to help this method calls GetList one. The result are not filtered and contains addresses marked as inactive. When I tried to create the same code on GetListFilterCustomer I was given an error when searching for addresses that there is a multipart indentifier ShipTo_UD.Inactive_c and and cannot be bound.

Could you please help me understand why if the getlist is called inside GetListFilterCustomer my predirective is omitted? Why the GetListFilterCustomer is used then it’s actually do the same what GetList does? Why I am getting this silly error message?

Thank you