Pass 3 fields from a deployed dashboard-assembly to a BAQ Report Print

(Shawn Hobdy) #1


I created a Dashboard that I deployed as a dashboard-assembly and I put a button on it to open a BAQ Report Designer screen I created to print a custom SSRS report.

How can I pass 3 fields from the dashboard to the BAQ Report into specific fields to filter what is printed?

Any help is appreciated.



(Bruce Ordway) #2

In a “regular” forms I would use LaunchFormOptions
There are many thread with references here.
LFO requires two customizations to function

  • the “calling” form customization to specify what values to pass
  • & the “called” form customization, to retrieve and handle the passed values

TBD if it would work in a dashboard… I haven’t ever tried it there.
I might start by deploying a dashboard and then checking if it is possible to customize each of the necessary forms.

(Shawn Hobdy) #3


I have puzzled out sending a variable from my Dashboard to the BAQ Report Designer screen.

My problem now is figuring out how to use it to populate the numfield1 that was created by the designer. The field is an EpiNumericEditor field with an EpiBinding of ReportParam.field1

Any ideas?

Passing information from MES grid to BAQ report
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I looked around but didn’t really find an example on how to get the BAQ designer fields to let me do that.

Anybody have any ideas?

Any manuals that might help?

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I was combing through YouTube and found a video that put me where I needed to be.
Credit to:
I went ahead and wrote a word document detailing what I did to make it work. Hopefully it will help someone else down the road.
How to Pass Values from One Form to Another e10.docx (17.6 KB)