Part Stuck in RCV


(Chance Locknane) #1

We have a part stuck in RCV. How can I move this forward?

(Chris Conn) #2

Inventory transfer to another WH\Bin? Often times companies will use a generic receiving location. Once received, someone has to physically and electronically put it away.

(Chance Locknane) #3

Thanks Chris,

Pretty new to Epicor, so how do I go about doing that? I assume the user has tried, but it is stuck and won’t let them transfer it. How can I try to transfer it to another WH/Bin?

(Chris Conn) #4

Then select part, qty, the FROM wh\bin, TO wh\bin

(Calvin Krusen) #5

FWIW - unless that bin is setup as Non-netting, it’s just like any other location. You could ship or issue from that “location” if you wanted.

My guess would be that the part doesnt really have a home, and that it’s normally stored in the receiving area.

I’ve seen Bins named “Carlos Office” and “Ricks Desk”

Edit: or Bin “PRODUCTION FLOOR” :wink:

(Calvin Krusen) #6

Just noticed that your part has a lot number, So it’s not something generic (like packing peanuts).

So maybe you have an inspection process - even if you don’t inspect the parts.

Do a Part Transaction History on the part and see if the last receipts were of type PUR-INS or PUR-STK.

A PUR-STK is the more common type. That happens when the receipt cause the Qty of inventory to be immediately increased.
A PUR-INS is when a Part requiring “inspection” is received. That part has arrived, but is not yet in inventory until the inspection process is done. That process will create a INS-STK, increasing the QOH in stock.

(Chance Locknane) #7

Hi Calvin,

I did a Part Transaction History, and the following came up. With this screen shot, how can I move these parts so they are not stuck?

(Chance Locknane) #8

In this post, when I try to transfer, I receive a message stating “This transaction will result in a negative onhand quantity for the bin.” I am not sure if I should proceed. The screen shot below shows how I am trying to transfer.

(Rick Stannard) #9

We have seen this message when there is a printed pick list for this part, but the part has not been picked yet. The task is to find that pick list and process it.

(Calvin Krusen) #10

Unfortunately, I am not that familiar with the Inspection process. We don’t use it.

Look under Production Mngmnt -> Quality Assurance -> General Operations -> Inspection Results Entry

I think that is where you enter info that will allow the Inspection Required" parts to go from Inspection to Inventory.

This screen looks like it might do what you want.