Occasionally Report Print Preview Not Opening - COMPLETE Status

(Heather Marie) #1


Several of our users are experiencing an issue where print previews suddenly stop popping up on their screens. Yet when they open the System Monitor and click on the Reports tab and find their print job and preview it, it opens just fine with no error. The report also has a COMPLETE status in History - so NO ERROR. The only way we have found to fix this is to close out of Epicor and re-open it and print previews start working again. Could someone please tell me what might be happening to cause this?

Would appreciate any help anyone can provide!
Thank ya kindly,
-Heather :slight_smile:

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

On your Company Maintenance record(s), what is your Work station method set to?

In an earlier thread:

buried in the list of things that Support does to a customer database when it is loaded is this Work Station method. We always set it to Machine Name + Domain User from Default.

Why do we change it? What does this setting do?
This setting is a “unique-ifier” for our print preview process. When the system monitor polls for print previews that are complete, it uses that setting to determine if a request should be brought back to that workstation. The key to having print previews only appear where they are supposed to be is to have a Work station method that will be always unique for every user that uses the system in your environment. If you have an RDS/Citrix server, the default option of Default will likely result in the occasional situation where userA submits report1 for print preview and userB will see it instead as Default uses the Windows session ID of the user that submitted the request :expressionless:

So, everyone should change their Work Station method to some value that will be guaranteed to always be unique for every user–for almost everyone, Machine Name + Domain User meets that requirement.

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