No Job Scheduling Resource Defined

(Jonathan Lang) #1

I’m at a loss of what could be causing a an error I’m getting on a Job:

Ive gone through every operation on the job and all of them have a Scheduled Resource.

I’m out of ideas on what to do here. I’ve checked all of the resources listed and all of them have a Scheduled Resource.

Any help would be appreciated.


(Toby Lai) #2

Is Queue Time K1 a Resource Group or Resource?

Can you take a screen shot of what is in Scheduling Resources Detail page?

I will start checking if the Resource is inactive.

(Jonathan Lang) #3

I found the issue that was causing the problem. The schedulers deleted an operation from the job. Even though the operation was removed it was not “All the way deleted” if you will. I ended up deleting the ghost operation and I was able to release the job.

I’ve been noticing these oddities ever since we patched to 10.1.600.26. I now have a job that has a part number as an Operation and they can’t delete the operation because Epicor immediately put labor on the newly created operation. Just weird!