MRP hangup issues


(Jill Schoedel) #1

Hi, We have been experiencing issues with our MRP that we run at noon time. It is a regen that only looks out two weeks. We use the logging level of MRP and do not check any of the boxes beneath the Logging Level text box. We use 3 processes and 2 schedulers. The problem we are having is that we have over 13,000 unfirm jobs in our system. MRP works its way through deleting all these unfirm jobs and then tries to Build Partlist and locks up. I then have to cancel the MRP run and restart it to go onto the next process. We are on Epicor 9.05.700C 64-bit Progress. Any insight that someone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Jill Schoedel

(Greg Payne) #2

we are 9.50.702A
Have you tried using recycle MRP jobs?
Our situation is one where we have to outlast MRP, so I use 16 Processors and 8 schedulers and still don’t always complete.

What does your log look like? Epicor believes the system is dynamic, so it will pause a processor and wake it up once per hour to see if anything has changed on the part. Once you run out of processors it will do that one hour loop forever.

Here is the end of a regen that had 16 processors waiting on a change that will never come.