MRP and Configurator

(Glenn Mossman) #1

We are looking at implementing MRP and Configurator in our E10.1 ERP.
We are a Furniture Manufacturer located in New Zealand.
We currently have a flat MOM structure which will not work as we grow. We have Revised a small Product Group to use multi-level BOMs and switched on MRP for this Group as a test. The Product Group we chose had no configurable items so it was relatively easy to get this up and running. This has been largely a success and we are ready to move onto the next level of Products.
We have a group of products that is largely like the first group for most of the MOM. However some parts for the next Product Group could have a possible 100,000 + variations.
We are looking at utilising Configurator to create our MOM to cater for this.
We are the stage where we will need some help. Is there anyone out there that has done a recent implementation of MRP and Configurator. Who did they use and how successful have they been.
Please reply to rather than posting in this forum. Thanks.