(Simon Hall) #1

With Moderator approval I am posting this message.

I’m normally not the type of person to post these sorts of messages, and to be honest I’m always more of a person who donates than requests, but this year, against many of my wife’s protests, I have bitten the bullet, put myself out there and joined the Movember Team at our company to raise funds for Mens Health.

I had always meant to join Movember when I was at my other job, and always procrastinated. This year was different. The fact that we lost our Uncle earlier in the year who suffered from Prostate cancer, was the final kick.

Growing a Mo for a month and asking for donations, seems like a small sacrifice if we can help understand some of these illnesses, be them physical or mental, more, and hopefully over time find a solution.

I hope that if people feel so motivated to donate to our Team, or to me.

If you don’t feel the need to donate, then at least sit back and follow along for a bit of amusement, or get involved yourself if you aren’t already.

You can follow my posts here.

Two weeks in and at the end of yesterday things look like this. I am also accepting suggestions for sculpting of the ol’ badger bristle.

Thanks for everyone’s time.

(Rob Bucek) #2

Good luck on your quest!

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Good cause. It’s a tough fight…

(Simon Hall) #4

So being the last day for Movember down here, I thought I would update everyone for one final roll of the dice. If you can see yourselves clear to help a really worthy cause. You can donate here, any amount and a few minutes of your time is all it takes.

And if you don’t feel that this is something you can contribute to, take a few minutes to scan the posts and reply to help out someone asking for help, who, no doubt, you have been in their position before.

Thanks all who have donated so far, it is much appreciated.

And as they say “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, so my furry friend will be leaving me tomorrow. :sob:

Next year I might give it a name :slight_smile:

Long Live Movember!