Method Directive / Customization whose actions are based on user input

(Calvin Krusen) #1

I’d like to be able to warn users when they make a new Part (in Part maintenance), when the PartNum fails to meet a specific format. I know how to warn or stop them. But not how to give them the opportunity to proceed or stop.

10,000 foot view …

  1. User enters a new P/N
  2. If that P/N doesn’t match a specified format, prompt the user and wait for them to select either “Proceed” or “Stop”
  3. If they select Proceed, save the new part record (and maybe preset some of the part fields)
  4. If they select Stop, dont save the record (maybe clear the Part maint. form)

Is this best done as a Customization of the Part maintenance form, or a via a Method?

(Pierre Hogue) #2

Pesonnaly, I would do this in custo under field change event, so that as soon as the user go to the next field he can be prompted with your message…


(Calvin Krusen) #3

When you enter a new part number, and hit tab, you are immediately asked if you want to make a new part (assuming you didn’t select New Part first). Would the OnLeave event fire before the attempt to fetch the part info, or the prompt if new?

(Pierre Hogue) #4

Needs to be tested…I do not know… But a good point. Maybe instead catch the leave event on the text box to cancel it if your Partnum is not valid ?

(Mark Wonsil) #5

If you’re trying to protect the database from bad data then a BPM is better because it will check if it’s being entered at the screen, in a ServiceConnect script (WCF), or a REST call. A customization will only work in the screen.

You can use both to give the screen some nice UI features but protect with the BPM - IMHO.

Mark W.

(Calvin Krusen) #6

One concern was creating about creating a prompt (and requiring user interaction) on automated things like service connect, or when a configurator is setup to make a new P/N.

(Mark Wonsil) #7


Do the part format rules not apply when using Service Connect or Configurator?

(Aaron Moreng) #8

BPM data form might be great for this