Mass Rcpt Auto Print - Data Directive

(KoecherVue) #1

I have a data directive that is set on RcvDtl and RcvHead. When I mass Rcpt it only prints out the first line. Am I missing something? I have condition that checks the rec. checkbox that leads to auto print.

(Chris Conn) #2

Depends on your method. You should share your code.

When you do a mass receipt - there will only be one update with all the records in it, so you’ll have to ensure your code is iterating all of the records being passed and performing your code. I guess the first step is ensure you can see all those records in the ttTable of your BPM.

(KoecherVue) #4

Thanks for the input, I found it - I was missing the lines - my file was just creating and over writing itself and keeping the last line only.