Mass issue material to job

(Joe Lalonde) #1

We have multiple parts we need to issue to many jobs in Vantage. We’ve tried to DMT them in and it isn’t working. After a call with Epicor, we were told we cannot DMT these items. Looking for suggestions on what to do as there are hundreds of jobs we have to issue material for.

(Josh Owings) #2

How are the jobs being processed? Do you not want to back flush? This would keep you from having to issue.

(Nancy Hoyt) #3

Hi Joe,

I am in E10 bu I just did a quick test of Issue Material paste insert on the list view and I think it could work for you, if the backflush idea doesn’t pan out and if Vantage interface for issue is similar enough.
See my screenshot below of testing taking data from sample row of a issue, into excel, update for some other jobs/materials, paste insert. There was some messaging for some rows (two middle rows), RE going negative, and UOM issue. I think they could be worked out with more testing.


(Calvin Krusen) #4

Thumbs up to @Nancy 's idea.
In V8, UOM shouldn’t be an issue. But only trying pasting in a dozen or so rows at a time. V8’s paste insert is VERY SLOW, and prone to stopping.

(Joe Lalonde) #5

We went through and manually issued the material. It took way too long but got the job done. Next time I will have to try Nancy’s suggestion.