Marking a PO Receipt as invoiced

(Calvin Krusen) #1

Need to mark select PO receipts as Invoiced (even though they weren’t).

When we first switched to E10 (via DMT, not a conversion) we had to upload PO receipts that were actually performed in V8, so that AP invoicing entry could be performed in E10. We straightened out all the QOH and GL trans that uploading those receipts caused.

But it turns out that many shouldn’t have been uploaded. Now we want to mark them as invoiced, so they don’t show on the Received but Not Invoiced reports.

Can I just set the Invoiced field on the RecptDtls? Or would doing so create GL trans I’d need to then clean up?

(Aaron Willett) #2

Support gave me a generic datafix for that. It works pretty well.

(John Nichols) #3

I just got the same data fix from support. They got it to me within about 24 hours and worked great.

I tested running a few SQL queries and setting some of those flags but could not get it to work - would highly recommend the fix from support.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Looking at that screen shot doesn’t look like it allows you to choose the receipts to be fixed.

It looks more like a program that “fixes” something that went wrong (like entered AP invoices weren’t applied to the receipt).

I have receipts that weren’t invoiced, and never will be. I just want to get them off the Received but Not Invoiced report.

I did a test with DMT, setting just the RcvDtl#Invoiced field to TRUE, and they no longer show up on the report. My concern is that making that change via DMT, actually creates or stages some GL transactions.

(Sally Wheeler) #5

Epicor support has a fix program to take lines off the Rec’d not invoiced report.