Managing Multi-Company BPMs


(Michael Thompson) #1


I am in a multi-company, multi-site (what once was plant) environment. When creating BPMs in Epicor 10.#, we can set the scope to either Company Specific (runs in only the company in which the BPM was created) or Company Independent (runs in all companies), so it is either one or nothing. This means that if I have a BPM that I need to run in more than one company, but not all companies, I have to add it to multiple companies, then maintain the multiple BPMs over time. Though I am sure that others have thought of this, I thought I would offer another option.

I now create one version of the BPM and set it to run for all companies (Company Independent). The first condition of the BPM can then determine whether the balance of the BPM will run based on the current company, like this…

We could also use this method to have the BPM perform slightly different things based on the company (or the site).

OK, so this is a really simple idea. I am new to the site and thought I would offer it to those who might be in the same situation. Also, if anyone sees any downside to this method, please let me know.


(Tim Shoemaker) #2

This would be the only (and therefor BEST) way that I can think of for meeting your requirements. I have done the same at the Plant level as well.

One additional thought… if you are writing DATA directives, you may want to check the company value in the DATA RECORD being written rather than the call context… I haven’t needed to do this directly in the company, but it would seem best to look at the data.

(Haso Keric) #3

Sometimes you will have no choice but to do a “Company Specific” BPM and duplicate it in each company that requires it. Atleast for Auto-Print I had to, since I wanted it to list the lower companys Printers and no my Global Companys.

(Jason Woods) #4

ERik is right. At a certain point it is easier to copy the BPM to each company that needs version A and then copy the other to all companies that need version B.