Job to Job Issue

(K White) #1

This is what the user sent me…they had a job to job and it didn’t transact correctly and is missing cost to target job. They only use Job to Job occasionally and not sure it is being used correctly.


Job 202613 transacted “from” the job but was not received to target job 031091-23-1. The job output (demand) shows received qty of 2.0 on 202613 (but status is open) and looking at the completion screen all 5 ea job-to-job outputs are complete. However on target job 031091-23-1 material 10 on does NOT show received. When I transacted job 202613 all 3 demand transactions (031091-23-1, 031098-20-1, and 216102) seemed to work fine and the other two jobs are OK.

PS – After I noticed this I un-completed job 202613. However it the system both completed & closed the job automatically.

Source Job 202613 …

Target Job 031091-23-1 …

(K White) #2

sorry missing screen shots…
Source Job

Target Job