Job Template -> Sub-Assemblies do not show in Append Details

(Brad Fraser) #1

We use sub-assemblies throughout all of our BOM’s. Has anyone had success seeing sub-assemblies within a Job Template when Appending Details? They do not show up for us in 10.1.600.13 which is a huge concern for us.

(Brad Fraser) #2

Upon further investigation we can do a copy from the Job if the new job is empty. If it includes any parts at all, the append details does not see the sub-assemblies which is the problem.

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Ouch, yeah. We’ve been bitten by that one before…

(Brad Fraser) #4

Thanks Mark - it’s good to know we aren’t alone. Not so good if Epicor has gone from your version of 10.0.700 to 10.1.600 without a fix. Did you ever hear from Epicor on this issue?

(Mark Wonsil) #5

I’m afraid this is a “working as designed” kind of thing. It’s been this way since my days on Vantage 8.00. :frowning:

Mark W.

(Brad Fraser) #6

@Mark_Wonsil is it possible to both “Like” and “Dislike” your post at the same time? :laughing: Thanks for the heads up.