Inspection Qty in BPM


(Mark Darlow) #1

Hi there all
I hope that someone can help me here. I’m wanting to write a dashboard that shows all stock for a part including the quantity in Inspection (for buy material to Job Purchase Order Receipts). I cannot find bhow to identify material as being in goods in inspection.
Can anyone give me a pointer here?

with thanks in anticipation


(Josh Owings) #2

I am not sure of an easy way to get to this information. I was hoping there is a table in the system showing what items are ready for inspection processing. If so, you could query that table easily for the details. I do not see anything immediately. I also reviewed the screen and didn’t see any direct ties to the DB. I do know that in the parttran table the PUR-INS is a purchase receipt to inspection transaction. This transaction will have a matching INS-MTL, INS-STK, INS-DMR, or maybe on other type as well. You could query the PartTran table and sum up some values by part number and transaction type to get quantities maybe. Not sure this is the best way, but thought I’d offer it for you.

(Ernie Lowell) #3

The “Inspection Processing” program is not populated from a table, but rather created on-the-fly. It’s really annoying to try and duplicate. I remember trying to do that in Vantage and I think I just gave up.

(Mark Damen) #4

It is populated from DB tables, but not a single one. I only have data in my system to get you this far:

select * from erp.NonConf where InspectionPending = 1
select * from erp.RMARcpt where OpenReceipt = 1
select * from erp.rcvdtl where InspectionPending = 1

that’s for RMA, PO Receipts, Inventory. If you have data in the other categories that show on Insp Processing, you can hopefully work out the field controlling it.

(Mark Darlow) #5

Thanks Ernie, this is exactly what I found:(

(Mark Darlow) #6

Thanks Josh
That was the route that I started looking at. Unfortunately PartTrans is a huge table, so I abandoned this propcess.


(Mark Darlow) #7

Thank you Mark
This has given me what I need.