IN Statement in a Dashboard Tracker ComboBox

(Brendan Woodell) #1

Odd question. Is there a way to have a Dashboard Tracker’s Combobox add an option that works like an IN Statement?

We have a dropdown that filters by Salesperson, this is connected to the database list of salespeople so the list is dynamically populated. Simple. Now one of the managers asks if I can add an option that would include about 4 salespeople so he doesn’t have to copy/paste 4 datasets to excel. So the dropdown might look like:


Where the Shade means (Steve, Tim, Alex, Carol) and selecting that returns any results for those people in one dataset.

Can this be done or is it easier to just make another dashboard for him? Thanks!

(Brandon Anderson) #2

There’s isn’t a built in way (that I know of), but a trick to filter that I have used is to put an * at the beginning of the drop down value and then something like *both. Then I make a calculated field that has the value of trueboth and falseboth. The drop down value for a filter on starts with would be true, false, and *both.

It’s not the most elegant, but if the sets are predefined you could have the calculated field for the value to be SteveShade, and CarolShade, with the drop down selections Steve, Carol and *Shade.

If your selection filters are well enough defined that it’s not a big deal to have it hard coded in your BAQ, it can work.

Remember you can make this calculated field, and filter by it, but you don’t have to show it in the grid.

Not the most elegant solution but it could work for simple selections.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

I forgot that you can also to an “in” with parameters. No drop down though and there is a popup window every time you refresh, so it’s pretty ugly.

And you can filter the grid with a custom filter (not in the tracker) and add more than one field in there.

(Brendan Woodell) #4

Yep I see what you’re saying. That could work. Thanks for the ideas