How do I add/configure a local Zebra printer for UPS labels?

(Clark Rudder) #1

I know nothing of what I’m talking about.

Epicor ERP 10 E10

How do I add/configure a local Zebra printer for UPS labels?

What we have:
Shipping-1 workstation has a local Zebra printer. The printer is shared. This Zebra is used by Shipping-1 and by Shipping-2 workstations to print UPS labels. Epicor Manifest and InsiteShipV3 come into play here somehow, I believe.

We have added a new Zebra printer local onto Shipping-2 workstation. We can print to the Zebra from Notepad, etc.

What do I need to do so the Shipping-2 Zebra printer can be seen when printing the UPS labels from the Shipping-2 workstation.

Many Thanks, Clark

(Bryan DeRuvo) #2

High level:
The label printers need to shared on the network or installed locally (as ip printers) on the manifest server.

In Manifest, configure the workstation. add the documents (carrier label) and choose the printer. The label printer is assigned to the workstation.

The manifest help file has all of the details you need to follow. It’s fairly straightforward.

(Mazin Asmar) #3
  1.   The printer has to be defined as a network printer on your printer server.
  2.    The printer has to be defined as a local printer on the Epicor Application Server and where the Manifest (full) software is installed. You do not need to define the printer on your workstation.
  3.   In Manifest you have to define the workstation with the printer queue name.
  4.   Restart the printmonitor service.
  5.   Define the workstation in Epicor
  6.   Select the workstation from settings
  7.   Use Miscellaneous Shipment Entry to Test the printer

(Mazin Asmar) #4

(Joshua Giese) #5

True this would be the best option, but typically the printers sent by UPS don’t have a NIC in them. Using a UNC print path to a USB attached printer on a client workstations is not ideal, but does work fine. When it’s shared you just have to make sure that workstation is never turned off. Alternative is to purchase a USB print server and make it a network-able printer.