Fix All Report Styles (.rdl) with Issues

(Haso Keric) #1

Its a bit painful to have to create 50 different Report Styles just to make fields “wider” - @Chris_Conn from Tennessee

If you have been using Epicor you have probably come across many Report styles that cut-off long text, that don’t word-wrap, in addition .pdf’s that you cant ‘Save As…’ because of corrupt RDL bookmarks (Adobe doesnt like Bookmarks with BLANK Value, but instead a Space).


Its a bit painful to have to create 50 different Report Styles just to make fields “wider”, because the Warehouse Name is cut-off over 3-4 characters, or the Bank Name or the LOT Number etc… How does this pass Epicor Validation QA? I am not sure.

One reason we have many “CustomReports” is just due to the fact a SSRS Field is not wide enough.

(Chris Conn) #2

lol why u lying on me - i can barely get into report builder :joy:

(Haso Keric) #3

The more customers we can demonstrate having this pain point, the faster it will be fixed… Because @Bart_Elia is watching

“We have over 181 CustomReports because fields are not wide enough” - @Mark_Wonsil and @asmar


(Brandon Anderson) #4

Is this a feature request or a bug fix? Do they get handled differently?

(K White) #5

We are in early stages of this but I have seen many out of box reports that cut fields off.

(Haso Keric) #6

Its a “Suggestion” :slight_smile: fits the forum category. Have you ever tried to report a bug to support? Half the time they dont even read your case notes, take you for a long ride down the rabbit hole, request a webex among other things for something that they can recreate within 5 minutes. Often times I just reply, you either send this to development or it never gets fixed and they close my case. :slight_smile: lol

(Brandon Anderson) #7

I’m just wondering if it can be pushed at Epicor faster as a bug fix, rather than a suggestion.

(Bruce Ordway) #8

I hadn’t noticed the bookmark issue before, thanks for the info.

As for the field widths, I kind of understand why Epicor hasn’t been checking max field widths of every report. Conditions vary so much from site to site & as long as it is relatively easy to modify reports?

Which reminds me… I’m still of the opinion that SSRS/Report Builder is the only area where E10 was a step backward from V8/E9. At least in terms of ease of use. Unfortunately I don’t expect Epicor to be able to offer much improvement as MS is the controlling entity.

(Haso Keric) #9

Problem is if you create 50 CustomReports and Epicor fixes bugs in their original rdl’s you no longer get any formula fixes or other benefits and it becomes a maintenance nightmare later. Some are you cant fit a PartNum longer than 5 characters, very obvious ones.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #10

We are PDF viewer agnostic–we don’t certify a particular implementation.

Does the PDF ISO 19005 standard allow for blank bookmarks? If so, it would appear to be an implementation issue with Adobe Reader. I suspect that is the case as Adobe Reader is the only PDF viewer affected by this behavior.

NOTE: Our dev team has already stated that it is an Adobe issue, and accepted by their support via a forum post a while ago.

(Haso Keric) #11

@aidacra it looks like you are right its an “Adobe” only issue. I updated to the latest Adobe Reader DC and on reports that have a Blank Heading/Text in the Bookmark, I could not Save As…

So I tried it with Foxit PDF Reader and works fine.

I couldn’t find the issue on any of adobe’s Known Issues KB Articles. The only known workaround I have currently is instead of Save As… Print it to a PDF Printer OR modify the SSRS Report.

Error: The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (109).


(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #12


(Haso Keric) #13

Does that mean you will find some time in the near future to bring us more “rightness” by writing an Article on [ Experts Corner Request ] Field Security vs Extended Properties

(Mark Wonsil) #14

Our work around is to print the PDF file to the PDF printer and name it what you would have done with the Save As… Command.

Mark W

(Haso Keric) #15

Yep that works as a workaround. Eventually Adobe will fix its Bug, so it would be stupid to modify 100s of reports. But if you google the error, you will see 100s of unsolved cases and I couldn’t find that bug anywhere on Adobe’s Known Issues Lists. They mentioned several times “It’s been fixed” but I think that is a common corruption error and they might not know about the “Bookmarks Blank” Bug yet. If anyone has an account with Adobe, send them to this Forum post :slight_smile:

(Jos Greeve) #16

I think changing the reports is faster then a bug fixed by adobe…

(Jos Greeve) #17

@hasokeric, there is some improvement, in reporting feature request/improvements! Easier to document, and faster to have it accepted as an enhancement.

So wondering if the enhancements will make it in the next release, fingers crossed

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #18

Easier yet, friends try to talk other friends out of using that specific PDF viewer.

(Simon Hall) #19

Hmmm can you open attachments in Foxit? If not we are doomed to never get a decent searchable/filterable list of changes on the release notes. :grin:

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #20

Smiley face added for dramatic effect.