Epicor Social Enterprise- Notification source not appearing in search and in company maintanace

(Prakash6738) #1

I have installed social enterprise, but after creating source id , it is not created and appeared in list.
screenshots attached.

any setup is missing ?


(Andrew Saldivar) #2

Hello Prakash,

I am just getting started with Social, and I’ve installed 10.2 in prep for go-live in a couple months. The product installed quite easily for me, but I did have to play with the connection source settings (connection string, etc.)

Did you try recreating the source and verifying it (Test button) while still on your screen? It also looks like there’s a checkbox to make sure its active.

From there, I would check the app server and use custom accounts (CDC Service, etc.) - ones you know have access to the DB.

(Prakash6738) #3

Thanks for the quick reply,
But i have already tried with creating sources with connection string and also tested the connection to OK.
After creating source, the message also displayed that it ll take few minutes to appear in list.

(Prakash6738) #4

I have assigned a custom account in IIS Pool belongs to Social Enterprise.
Still the list is empty.

any missing step ?

(Andrew Saldivar) #5

It looks (to me) like your accounts may need addressing. This is the most frustrating part of the install - the sheer number of accounts and where they must be used.

According to the migration guide (Sec. 10.4)…

"Create a Windows domain account that links back to a system User ID with Single Sign-On feature set up
and Allow Session Impersonation option selected. In Epicor ERP, create a user that maps to that Windows
account. You may want to give the Windows account and the Epicor ERP user account a name that indicates
their purpose; for example, EpicorSocial. When configuring Epicor Social Enterprise later in this procedure,
the custom account must be used as the login account for the Epicor CDC Log Reader service and as the
application pool account used by the Epicor Social Enterprise web site."

(Prakash6738) #6

@Andrew: Done…I was trying on the test server whoes Domain Controller was out of service. So i have installed on Live, and is working fine now…

Thanks for the time… :slight_smile:

(Andrew Saldivar) #7

Wow. I wouldn’t have guessed that as the cause, no matter how long. I’m guessing that it was account-related, since the Domain Controller was unavailable to authenticate.

Good job getting through it!