Epicor Service Connect services configuration

(Henry Burke) #1

I am building out a service connect server and would like find out what the specific requirements are, in terms of execution, network, firewall & \files permissions, for each of the 11 services that are installed: ScaDESRouter, ScaLanSrv, ScaLicenseSrv,ScaLockSrv, ScaLogonSrv, ScaLogSrv, ScaMessengerSrv, ScaTaskSrv, ScaTrackSrv, ScaUserProfileSrv, and ScaWFHost
What does each service need to work its duties? I know it is a lot to ask, but I am being asked not to use local service and need to create gMSA’s for “Least Privilege” practices, isolation and hardening. Does anyone have this level of information? Perhaps the developers of the Service Connect software know but how does one reach them?
Thanks for any pointers or direction!

(Carlos Quintanilla) #2

Hi Henry,

I suggest you to start with the Epicor Service Connect Install Guide, there you will find the ScaServices security permissions you need to assign for DCOM and Firewall, sections 2.4.1 through 2.4.6.

Then you have the ESC User Guide, that has some useful references to security topics.

Finally, there are 2 trainings on ESC provided by Epicor University.

  1. Epicor Service Connect for Epicor ERP
  2. Advanced Epicor Service Connect for Epicor ERP

The first one lists each ScaService and their purpose.

Carlos Quintanilla

(Henry Burke) #3

Thanks Carlos! I had some other stuff going on that took me away from this but I am getting back to this and will follow your kind guidance and determine the necessary perms. Thanks so much. - Henry