Epicor 8.03.409C: Database Purge and Summarize

(system) #1

We are trying to cut down the time on the Data Conversion from Vantage 8.03.409C to EPICOR 9.05.702A. I see that 8.03.409C has the Database Purge and Summarize, however all the documentation that I have found seems that there is no summary and all purge.  I am trying to trim the fat off the parttran table (about 5 million rows)


1.       Does anyone have any experience with this?

2.       Which Purge Option trims parttran table?  (Job Details, Indirect Labor, Journal Details, Change Log)

a.       I know that 9.05.702A has the as an option, but it doesn’t help me now.

3.       Is this suggested or a horror story in the making?


I know that I am asking for an opinion but if there is documentation point me in that direction if possible.


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