EPDM solidworks BOM import into engineering workbench

(Mark Rowley) #1

Epicor version 9.05.701

We want to try and get the below working were we import BOM’s from solidworks. The below video link shows the user opening engineering workbench and clicking the group search…he then finds his BOM…(note the BOM was in excel and he placed it in a folder named “filedrop”.
How does this folder link to the group search in epicor??..that’s the problem i have.

Link attached for Bom transfer solid works to Epicor


(Mark Rowley) #2


Is this the way forward? if so, what are the required fields for a template?
Company, plant, partnum??

(Chris Conn) #3

Update - just noticed yours is E9. I dont have a E9 dll to decomp at the moment, but maybe you’ll get lucky and its the same,

Judging from the decomp, I’d guess


                DataRow row = this.engWorkBenchAdapter.EngWorkBenchData.ECOImport.NewRow();
                row["PartNum"] = strArray[0];
                row["PartDescription"] = strArray[1];
                row["TypeCode"] = strArray[2];
                row["QtyPer"] = strArray[3];

(Mark Rowley) #4

Hi Chris
Could you walk me through step by step what I need to do with your details?
Is the text string a BPM? Data or method?

Many thanks in advance

(Chris Conn) #5

Assuming the format is the same you would just populate your CSV file like:

“ExamplePn”,“An example”, “?”,“2”

I dont know what the TypeCode is but I’m sure you could deduce that with Field Help (I am riding in a car for the next 13 hours)

If I had the E9 WorkBench dll handy I could decomp it and verify the format is the same.

(Mark Wonsil) #6

TypeCode is Make “M”, Buy “P”, Sales Kit “K”

(Mark Rowley) #7

Thanks for your help guys…

latest update i seem to be having a few problems with the formatting of the QtyPer field…i get this error:

If i open the file in notepad, you can see it has 2 decimal places

(Mark Wonsil) #8

Hi Mark,

Try removing the header row.

Mark W.

(Mark Rowley) #9

great job!
thank you