EDD can you group things?


(Brandon Anderson) #1

I’m looking at trying to use EDD to try to analyze my actuals vs estimates on my labor operations by job. In my BAQ I’m already grouping by job and operation because that’s all the more granular information that I really have. I can get the difference by operation and sum them up across jobs, which can tell me whether my estimates are on par, or how far they are off. But I have scale problem. 2,000 hours off on a total actual of 4,000 is really bad. But 2,000 off on 80,000 isn’t so bad.

What I need to do is get the difference divided by the actual to get me a percent to look at. I could do it in a BAQ by grouping, but I want to be able to filter for some other aspects, which is why I want to use EDD, but it doesn’t look like can accomplish this relative comparison in EDD.

Is this something that just can’t be done? Or am I missing something?