E10: Needing a detail eye


(Dan Godfrey) #1

So I created a customization on Quote Entry. I added a child table through the Wizard to conenct UD01 to QuoteDtl. Everything is good so far, except that when I asked someone to test my customization, they now can not add lines. It is greyed out. They can add a Header, but no lines.

When I removed the customization from that menu item, they can add lines again.

I am attaching the customization, in case you want to take a peek at it. I can not see how I am impacting the option to add a line. Except that I changed a few lines in the manufactured method “InitializeUD01Adapter”.

this._edvUD01.AddEnabled = false;
this._edvUD01.AddText = “New Dimension”;

Could this be the issue, since I linked the UD01 table to the QuoteDtl table?

CMCustomization_EMFQuoteForm01_App.QuoteEntry.QuoteForm180222.xml (201.8 KB)
EMFQuoteForm01.txt (40.6 KB)

(Jose C Gomez) #2

So if you look at the _ToolClickForUD01 event you have a case that says when the tool Key is

case "EpiAddNewNew UD01":

However you changed your initializeUD01 AddText to “New Dimension” so your ToolClickKeyName is now different

(Dan Godfrey) #3

I know. There are a few lines of code that the system created that I changed. I had the controls of my tab binded to the UD01View, But I think because I didn’t display any objects that were binded to Key1 or Key2, that things did not work in the normal sense. So I removed/disabled the display of the Add Text for UD01 and disassociated the UD01View from the controls. I added an “Add” button to handle the functionality.

That is one of the changes that I could see (but not understand) that would impact the QuoteDtl New behavior in the dropdown of the “New” icon. The problem is in the “New” icon. The QuoteDtl or Quote Line New does not enable for OTHER people. It is enabled for me though.

(Dan Godfrey) #4

Ok, so I think I figured out what happened. The user that could not get “New Quote Line” to enable had a Personalization on the customization. I deleted it and then the user could do everything. I think they added the personalization before I disabled the “New UD01” option, which then changed the “NEW” list.